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OK Boomer

by Geezer

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Who better to finally respond to OK Boomer than elderly rock/rap/nap legends Geezer?! No one. That’s who. Generation Xers dressed as the Greatest Generation, rapping and laughing at Boomers, GenZ and themselves.


OK boomer, ok boomer, OK boomer, ok boomer.....

So, what's this hot little phrase that I've been hearing about?
Cute, making fun of seniors ain’t quite played out.
So you’ve got something clever for a lil’ sound bite.
Wow, two whole words. You can count that high, rrrright?
I guess "Get off of my lawn" was just a flash in the pan.
Whatever happened to a nice "Whatever, old man?"
OKB OMG Yer such an instigator.
LOL Felt Cute. Might delete later.

You little snowflakes haven't got a sense of humor
OK boomer, ok boomer.
You want a safe space? Shoulda stayed in the womb-er
OK boomer, ok boomer.
Before he was governor, he said "It's not a tumor!"
OK boomer, ok boomer.
I like the Bends more than OK Computer
OK boomer, ok boomer.

Kaboom on a treadmill like OK Go
I saw yer OK Cupid profile, OK NO.
Maybe you should mind the generation gap,
throw respect to your elders and all that crap.
So proud of these kids saying "It's OUR turn!
We don't know a damn thing but we love a sick burn."
Millennials, generation X, Y, Z,
y’all sound like hashtag whiners to me.

I feel so pretty like Amy Shumer.
OK boomer, ok boomer.
Got more dirt than Motley Crue-mer.
OK boomer, ok boomer.
(I heard about you & Melania-) Kid, that’s just a rumor.
OK boomer, ok boomer.
Got a pimpin’ senior shuttle, so I don’t need the Uber.
OK boomer, ok boomer.

Whazza trap?!
That’s what the kids call this rhythm.
How the hell am I supposed to rap over-
Let’s try it….
Boomer’s on Battlestar G, (CYLONS!)
quarterback for the Bengals.
Thanks to Obamacare, (Mahalo, Barack)
now I got full dental.
Cuts on my hands from a paperback book (scary).
TikTok or UrbanD? (Hell no!) Get a real dictionary.
So nice of you kids to look up from your phones.(ROTARY!)
With your memes and your drones and your posts and malones. (FACE TAT!)
You think it’s a game to come after our throne? (PUT ON A JACKET, WINTER IS COMING)
Just keep swiping left and leave Grandpa alone. (swipe, swipe, swipe, maybe)
Yer OK Boomerang video? SO on brand.
Where have I heard this before? Talk to old hand.
Hope I die before my generation gets olden.
Boombox in the freezer so my beats can stay Snowmen.

You’re 30 years old and still live with your ‘rents? (FREELOADER!) That’s pretty intense.
When I was your age we would sleep on cement. (NO BLANKETS) and we looked pretty in tents.
Even though we're mostly gray, there’s one more thing that I got to say:
We walked to school, back in the day, uphill, both ways.
Barefoot too, it’s such a cliche.
Drop the breakdown beat, I’m fading away.

Open wide, put the boom in boomer.
Don’t need no Kanye auto-tune.
Wear more undies than Heidi Klum-a.
Wear more black than Siouxsie Sioux-er.
Retired to Phoenix, got a place in Yuma.
Die hard soon like my man Hans Gruber.
Mouth diarrhea like Montezuma.
Can’t sing in key but I’m a pro kazoo-er.
Spittin out wisdom like OK Buddha.
I speak bad french: Merci Beaucoup-er.
Back up Sinatra, here comes the croonah.
I see more (meow) than a darn pet groomer

Wait a second.
Whaddaya want?
What would our grandkids do?
OK Geezer….
OK Boomer…..


released November 27, 2019
released November 27, 2019
Written by Adam Gimbel Sr and Zachary Goode Sr
Produced by Farin Hoover and Taj Easton




Geezer California

"The world's greatest coverband." -San Diego City Beat Weekly
Geezer blend rock, comedy, rap and barbershoppe to hilariously swing the entire history of popular music. The world's oldest coverband has been an answer on NPR's Ask Me Another, appeared in a KIA adverisement with Weezer at the band's personal request, and played for 6000 hiphop fans for Magic 92.5FM at San Diego's Petco Park. ... more

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